Instant food that is easy to cooking, delicious and can be stored for a long time. I intend to introduce various japanese instant food in this blog. Instant food is a good choice for Japanese souvenirs.


I love instant noodles, curry rice and tonkatsu, and when I eat lunch at home, I often eat instant noodles or pre-packaged curry.
(Tonkatsu is difficult to cook at home, so I sometimes eat out.)
I often think nutritional balance. Nevertheless, I always eat instant food. What a fascinating and bad food!
I’m writing this profile, now I feel like eat instant noodles.
I pray helth for those who love instant food.

I used Google Translator for this blog’s english.
Feel free to correct my English when it is wrong, or don’t worry about it.
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Please laugh and forgive me, when you bought and ate instant food in according with this blog and it was bad.