Instant food that is easy to cooking, delicious and can be stored for a long time. I intend to introduce various japanese instant food in this blog. Instant food is a good choice for Japanese souvenirs.

" ☆☆☆☆☆ " list

Charumera Soy-sauce Ramen

Myojo Charumera Shoyu Ramen

Myojo Charumera Shoyu Ramen Most bag noodles now have small soup bag separate from noodles. This Charumera Shoyu Ramen is also true for this. In the early times when bag noodles began to appear, it wasn’t separate the noodles and the soupe bag, like a Chicken Ramen. It was this Myojo Foods that was first sold bag noodles that a …

Sapporo Ichiban Miso Ramen

Sapporo Ichiban Miso Ramen

Sapporo Ichiban Miso Ramen I have eaten this bag noodle many times since I was kid. It may be the most eaten bag noodle in my life.This Sapporo Ichiban Miso Ramen is a ramen that was released in 1968, following Sapporo Ichiban Soy Sauce Ramen. It’s a super long-selling bag noodle. (wikipedia)The unique red miso taste is really delicious. I …

Nissin UFO

Nissin Yakisoba UFO

Nissin Yakisoba UFO I think maybe many japanese people answer most favorite Yakisoba is UFO.A unique thick sweet sauce. I feel a little fruity. It is an appetizing taste and aroma very much.When many japanese people hear UFO, maybe this cup fried noodle comes to mind.By the way, I’ve heard of a story about this UFO that some foreigners make …