Instant food that is easy to cooking, delicious and can be stored for a long time. I intend to introduce various japanese instant food in this blog. Instant food is a good choice for Japanese souvenirs.

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Sapporo Ichiban Shio-karubi-aji Yakisoba

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Sapporo Ichiban Shio-karubi-aji Yakisoba

This is the salty taste of Sapporo Ichiban cup yakisoba series. There is a little bit of rib meat in the ingredients as the name says Shio-karubi (salt rib).
Noodles are thin. And the salt sauce is pretty delicious. The seasoning oil contains lemon, it tastes a little like lemon.
This yakisoba is more delicious when eaten added chili.
this is 4 stars.
Sanyo Food : Sapporo Ichiban Shio-karubi-aji Yakisoba

-Cup fried noodles, ☆☆☆☆, Etc
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