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Bag noodles ☆☆☆☆

Demae Itcho

Posted : 2019-09-18 Updated:

I eat Demae Itcho

Demae Itcho

The phrase “Arayo, Demae Itcho” is used long years for this bag noodles. (Arayo means like “Here it is”)
The flavor of sesame oil is unique and I sometimes want to eat it.

A few years ago, there was a time when “sesame oil” was changed to “green onion flavor oil”. At this time, the unique taste of this ramen were lost and I was disappointed.
Fortunately, I am happy that this ramen has been changed to “sesame oil” again.

By the way, it seems to be very popular bag noodles in Hong Kong. There seems to be no one in Hong Kong who does not know this, and there are many kind of Demae Itcho than in Japan.
There seemes to be “Tokyo Shoyu” and “Hokkaido Miso Tonkotsu” in Hong Kong. I want to eat “Tokyo Shoyu” and “Hokkaido Miso Tonkotsu” too.
Nissin Foods, can you sell it in Japan?

Demae Itcho. The delicious flavor of sesame oil is an appetizing dish.
4 stars.
Nissin Foods : Demae Itcho

-Bag noodles, ☆☆☆☆
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